Lost Stories is a prolific Indian electronic music duo comprised of India’s best EDM producers Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi . They collaborated and started producing in the first half of 2008, under the alias of ‘Lost Stories’. Their combination of progressive sounds and uplifting melodies cemented their musical presence not only in India but world over. Of such tremendous worthiness is their music that 8 of the 10 best DJs of the world support their remixes including Markus Schulz and Andy Moor. Their first joint production “False Promises” was lapped up by DJ Tiesto’s “Blackhole Recordings” , making them the first Indians to be singed onto a global leading recording company that has been nominated as the Best Global Dance Music Label in 2008 & 2009. Groovy basslines, melodic, energetic yet moody outrows and dreamy breakdowns with a hint of tech elements are their signature “progressive trance” production sounds.

Boomarang's sound is a little bit of everything. The style varies from song to song; Funk to Reggae, Blues to Metal and a little pinch of Jazz in some songs, just because they love it. So what can you expect? Basically, good old Junk -Rock when they play live, ‘which, according to the band is ‘a new genre of music when you play whatever the hell you want!'.

Boomarang first started out playing some of their favourite covers at a small gig in their hometown Aizawl, Mizoram back in 2005. A few minutes before they were called up, the band was still nameless when a friend suddenly suggested “BOOMARANG”. And that name stuck. They have continued playing their own music and have also won several awards and competitions all over the country ever since they started. They were even considered to be one of the ten best bands in India by the RollingStone Magazine in 2008. The band opened for KORN and LAMB OF GOD, and has also headlined several events in India. They have never released an album, apart from “Rhythm Of A Revolution”, an EP in 2007. After making several independent singles, which have been featured on various CDs and DVDs, Boomarang is the second band to be signed and launched by Contrabands, and will be launching their debut album ‘Home’, under the label.